Postcard Love #2

Ok, this postcard has to be one of the most interesting ones I have ever found. The design on the front is pretty great. I'm not totally sure what the 'J' stands for but I do like the look of it. Plus there are all these pretty girls lined up inside, including a cowgirl. A very fancy cowgirl. 

Now, a bit about what's on the back of the card... I'm not sure how it ended up here in Canada, but it was sent from Hinton West Virginia on March 2nd, 1907. It would arrive in the hands of a Miss. Mary Cunningham in Kerrs Creek on March 4th. I tried to be a bit of a detective and track down Mary, but it turns out to have been a common family name in that part of Virginia. I managed to narrow down the list, but unfortunately I couldn't dig up a picture. I'm always curious about finding out who these people were, even though it's usually an impossible task.

 It's often easier to find out about a location. Kerr's Creek, is a little town with a long and troubled past.  There was a massacre in 1759 and then again in 1763 due to unrest between the early settlers and the native people of the region. But it's not something I know much about and it happened a long time before the writing of this particular postcard. 

There seems to be about a million years of difference between that sad piece of history and the happy, playful lines written in this card. It reads "Guess who and if you do keep it until I see you. From a true friend, can't tell can you... Forget me not". 

Isn't it wonderful? I wonder who it was, if Mary could in fact guess and the stories they shared between them. It's a beautiful little mystery.