Honour Bright - Studio Tour

A few weeks ago now, the lovely Corynn [Corynn Fowler Photography] came by my studio/barn to take product photos for the shop. The afternoon was great, with oldies playing in the background and some creative styling going on. Corynn also tells a pretty mean joke, just saying. In addition to everything else, she also took these stunning pics of the space. I

'm actually pretty amazed by how clean the place looks in the pictures. Granted, I did actually clean the place up a bit before she came... But ordinarily the studio tends to be covered in paint and scrap paper, littered with coffee cups and have tracks of mud leading from the barn door. Looking through the pictures inspires me to keep everything ship shape, but as with many creatives I'm just kind of messy.

I also feel incredibly lucky to have this place to work and be creative in. It's not perfect, there are definitely flaws (no bathroom or running water, cracked windows, FREEZING in the winter) but I love it just the same. This is a place where I've really settled in. It feels like me, you know? This place has it's stories, which is another reason that I love it. When we moved in, it was in a seriously scary state. Once it was a tiny farm house and then a goat barn/meat cellar and was also home to the local bootlegger for a while. Slowly it transformed, the whole family helped fix it it up. We dug up dirt floors and found actual floors. I put up the drywall with my Dad,  we built the workbench, painted the walls, put up some lights. At the beginning of our time here it was a tack room, then a workshop full of power tools and antique finds and now it's my studio. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour! Visit Corynns site to see more of her beautiful work!