Postcard Love #2

Ok, this postcard has to be one of the most interesting ones I have ever found. The design on the front is pretty great. I'm not totally sure what the 'J' stands for but I do like the look of it. Plus there are all these pretty girls lined up inside, including a cowgirl. A very fancy cowgirl. 

Now, a bit about what's on the back of the card... I'm not sure how it ended up here in Canada, but it was sent from Hinton West Virginia on March 2nd, 1907. It would arrive in the hands of a Miss. Mary Cunningham in Kerrs Creek on March 4th. I tried to be a bit of a detective and track down Mary, but it turns out to have been a common family name in that part of Virginia. I managed to narrow down the list, but unfortunately I couldn't dig up a picture. I'm always curious about finding out who these people were, even though it's usually an impossible task.

 It's often easier to find out about a location. Kerr's Creek, is a little town with a long and troubled past.  There was a massacre in 1759 and then again in 1763 due to unrest between the early settlers and the native people of the region. But it's not something I know much about and it happened a long time before the writing of this particular postcard. 

There seems to be about a million years of difference between that sad piece of history and the happy, playful lines written in this card. It reads "Guess who and if you do keep it until I see you. From a true friend, can't tell can you... Forget me not". 

Isn't it wonderful? I wonder who it was, if Mary could in fact guess and the stories they shared between them. It's a beautiful little mystery. 

Toronto Wedding Shoot

Last week, I provided some work for a wedding shoot that was happening down in Toronto at The Uptown Loft. I created a minimal themed suite, including an invite, table numbers and place settings. The whole shoot is so simple and fresh and lovely.  Everything came together beautifully thanks to all the awesome contributors!

Two incredibly talented friends of mine organized the shoot and brought together all the details of making it happen. Corynn of Corynn Fowler Photography is the one of these ladies and Janna, of Wildernis Florals is the other. I swear, these two girls are like magic. Their work is always gold!

These are a few sneak pictures of the shoot, stay posted for the rest. Be sure to check out all the vendors!

Photographer - Corynn Fowler Photography - @corynnfowlerphotography -

Florals - Wildernis Florals - @wildernisflorals - 

Hair and Makeup - Caitlin Samuel Makeup and Hair - @caitlinsam.makeupandhair

Chocolate - Chocolates by Brandon Olson - @chocolatesxbrandonolsen -

Dress - Sash and Bustle - @sashandbustle -

Stationery - Honour Bright - @honourbright -

Jewelry - Aimee Kennedy - @aimeek_jeweller -

Venue -  The Uptown Loft - @theuptownloft -

Table - BeReclaimed - @bereclaimed -

Model - Donya from Carolyn’s Talent - @donyakeetoninj

Model - Victor from MAX Agency - @victorivanz

Postcard Love #1

Antique postcards are one of my absolute favourite things. There is something really special about the little notes squeezed into the tiny message space. It's a sneak peak into someones life, someone who lived a long time ago. Well, it seems like a long time ago but when you think of the whole history of Earth maybe it's not so long...

I find it pretty amazing that so many of these postcards still exist, stored in shoeboxes and in basements.  Now they are found at farmers markets, antique shops and all sorts of places you wouldn't expect. Over the years I have collected a pretty insane number of these cards. Maybe it's weird, but I enjoy reading peoples stories and I hate to think of them being lost or ruined or thrown away. Really they're just bits of old paper. But they're also scraps of someones life and proof that they existed. Does that make any sense? 

So, every week I will be sharing another postcard here on the blog.

Todays postcard is actually a family one, it was sent to me by my Nana several years ago. She wrote that it was from the town her mother Eva was born in. The card has 'Ardley" printed on the front but nothing written on the back, so it must have just been kept as a picture. A little bit of digging and thanks to the wonderful (and oh-so reliable) resource of Wikipedia, I learned that Ardley is a small town Oxfordshire, England. The parish church in the photograph is called St. Mary's and dates back to 1074, well parts of it do... Isn't that just crazy!?! Buildings that historic never cease to boggle my North American mind. I'm not sure exactly when she moved to Canada, but I know that she was 18 when she was married. Her husband Tom joined the military to fight in WWI, at that time they had two young boys. He died at Vimy Ridge when he was just 26. It's really a sad story. Tom was the love of her life, and she never stopped missing him. Later she was married to my great grandfather, who I've heard was a sweet and kind man. But from family stories, it sounds like Eva was never really able to get over that loss and she carried it with her through her life and in her next marriage. It's heartbreaking, but I suppose I wouldn't exist if it had worked out differently.

Next week, I promise a more cheerful story. In the meantime, why not send a friend a postcard? I guarantee it will make their day. 

Honour Bright - Studio Tour

A few weeks ago now, the lovely Corynn [Corynn Fowler Photography] came by my studio/barn to take product photos for the shop. The afternoon was great, with oldies playing in the background and some creative styling going on. Corynn also tells a pretty mean joke, just saying. In addition to everything else, she also took these stunning pics of the space. I

'm actually pretty amazed by how clean the place looks in the pictures. Granted, I did actually clean the place up a bit before she came... But ordinarily the studio tends to be covered in paint and scrap paper, littered with coffee cups and have tracks of mud leading from the barn door. Looking through the pictures inspires me to keep everything ship shape, but as with many creatives I'm just kind of messy.

I also feel incredibly lucky to have this place to work and be creative in. It's not perfect, there are definitely flaws (no bathroom or running water, cracked windows, FREEZING in the winter) but I love it just the same. This is a place where I've really settled in. It feels like me, you know? This place has it's stories, which is another reason that I love it. When we moved in, it was in a seriously scary state. Once it was a tiny farm house and then a goat barn/meat cellar and was also home to the local bootlegger for a while. Slowly it transformed, the whole family helped fix it it up. We dug up dirt floors and found actual floors. I put up the drywall with my Dad,  we built the workbench, painted the walls, put up some lights. At the beginning of our time here it was a tack room, then a workshop full of power tools and antique finds and now it's my studio. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour! Visit Corynns site to see more of her beautiful work!